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Why You Need A Website Copywriter

Most clients want a website to generate leads to help their business grow.  If your website is designed, structured and written correctly, it can be one of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads for your business.  However, if your website is not being found in Google searches it will not help your business grow.  It’s a bit like a Ferrari without an engine.  It will look amazing but it wont get you anywhere.  Hiring a copywriter pays huge dividends in terms of your online visibility and sales conversions because a good copywriter knows exactly what to do to help your get your message seen and heard.  Here’s how……

colette chorley copywriting and marketing adelaide

Search Engines Rely On Website Text Content To Find You

The first place most people go to when looking for information on a product, service or business is Google.  So it’s critical that your website shows up in Google searches.  Without the right headings, subheadings and content (on-page SEO) Google will not be able to understand your website and show it in relevant searches.  Here at Colette Chorley Copywriting & Marketing, we know and understand on-page SEO strategy so you trust that your website will be written and structured for online visibility.  

colette chorley copywriting and marketing adelaide

Website Copywriters Know What Keywords To Use

Keywords are the key to success

Keywords are words or phrases that your potential clients are typing into Google to find businesses like yours.  At Colette Chorley Copywriting & Marketing, before we write your content, we do plenty of keyword research to ensure that when a target keyword is used, Google knows to include your business in the search results.

Keyword ranking to get ahead of the competition

We look at a range of different keywords to determine which keywords you are most likely to rank for so we can drive potential clients to your website and help your business grow.   We can even look at your competitors to see what keywords they rank for to help you get ahead.

colette chorley copywriting and marketing adelaide

Good Copywriting Increases Customer Engagement & Conversions

Easy to find what you offer

Once you’ve got a potential client to visit your website, they need to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily.   We’ll write your content to attract and engage with potential clients.  If clients can’t find what they need or if they can’t relate to what you are saying, they will go elsewhere.  Even if you get plenty of visitors, if your content isn’t right your conversions or enquiries will be low.

It’s all about them not you

With over 20 years in marketing and having written over 100 websites for clients in Adelaide, we know how to write your content to emotionally connect with clients.  Whilst we will sing your praises and highlight where you add value, we’ll do it in a way that focuses on the benefits for the client.  Potential clients don’t want to know how great you are, they want to know that you understand their needs/problems/issues and that you can quickly and easily help them.

Information rich website content

Some clients want to know lots of detailed information and others just want the basics.  You content will be writen to address and answer most of the questions or objections clients have in their heads.  Google loves a website with lots of good value information, so we’ll make sure we get straight to the point to give potential clients the information they want and need.

colette chorley copywriting and marketing adelaide

A Copywriter Will Save You Time & Hassle

One less thing to stress about

Let’s face it, running a small business is time-consuming.  Do you really have the time and motivation to write good quality content for your website?  Most clients think copywriting will be easy but when they actually sit down to do it, they draw a blank or only write a few words.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need at least 500 words on a page just for Google to index it (add it to its database of pages to be shown in a searches).  If your website is short on words, Google can see its very light on information and is unlikely to show you in the search results.  Lack of good content is one of the key reasons why so many companies need to spend between $500 to $2000+ per month on SEO or spend thousands on online advertising.

colette chorley copywriting and marketing adelaide

Good Copywriting Can Save You Thousands On Online Advertising

Big bang for your buck

With prices starting from $450, investing in a copywriter will deliver a big return on your investment and can make a huge difference to your website’s performance.  Your website can deliver sales 24/7, so getting the right words on your pages is a must.

A professional copywriter will help get your business found in Google searches which can save you thousands in online advertising fees.   Plus when you make a real connection with clients you’ll find your leads, enquiries and conversions grow.

Real savings & growth

“Having Colette & Jarka build my new website was the best choice I ever made. I used to get a couple of leads a month from my old website, but since launching the new one my business is booming and I’m going gangbusters. I no longer need to advertise as all my business comes directly through the website. I highly recommend them both.”

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Website copywriting is part of an SEO strategy.  There are many on page and off page variables that can impact your ability to be found in Google searches.

Struggling to create the content for your website? Have no idea where to start? Then let us ensure that your website copywriting is set up for success.