Facebook Advertising & Management

Facebook can be a huge part of a business’s online marketing strategy, not only can it be used for connecting with your audience but it allows you to advertise to a very specific audience profile which can really help drive sales and brand awareness.

Portfolio – Facebook Advertising & Page Management

Facebook Page Management

Next Gen Floor Care

Colette Chorley Creative Content and Marketing revamped Next Gen Floorcare’s Facebook page, set it up in the right categories and added a call now button.  Although we do not manage this page, we designed some posts for the client to use and advised them about about what to post and when.

Facebook Page Management and Advertising

American Fried Chicken

Colette Chorley Creative Content and Marketing set up and managed this Facebook page.  Even though this was an Australian Company, its products were aimed at American consumers.  We leveraged the power of Facebook to advertise to a specific target audience in America (those who liked home cooking and KFC) and directed them to an Amazon USA  product listing.

Facebook Posts

24/7 KI Bus Charters

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